Friday, June 5, 2009

Tweet, Email and Facebook From The Fax Machine

In the spirit of my passion for social media, including the oldest of all social media -email (in internet years, that is)- I wanted to share with you a fax-to-email service that has just been given a contemporary boost to keep up with the times, featuring Twitter and Facebook integration that will help your grandparents who are normally technology averse to stay with the times, making certain their grand-kids are accounted for no matter where they are. Now you can not only receive emails, faxes and phone calls, you can plus send/receive tweets and Facebook status messages simply by writing and faxing them out.

Here's what had to say:

Celery Fax Service

You may not have heard of the Celery fax-to-email service for the elderly in the past, but now that the company's rolling out Twitter and Facebook integration we'd bet it's the hottest ticket on the 4PM dinner scene -- Nanna's always had a thing for Ashton, after all. Built around a Lexmark fax machine (or your own, if you have one) the Celery service allows the computer-illiterate to send and receive emails, tweets, and Facebook status messages by simply writing down messages and faxing 'em out -- incoming messages can be printed out individually or in digest form to cope with volume. Add in a dash of RSS integration and hell, you've basically got the world's clunkiest netbook on your hands. Yep, interesting, but we'd almost rather pay the $14 / month service fee to make sure Nan never, ever sees our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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