Monday, June 8, 2009

Top Nine Inspirational Logos

I didn't find the below logos only inspirational, but I found them to also be creative, brilliant and a memorable representation of their respective brands. Logo design, for me, is amongst the toughest of designs out there. My hat off to the individuals behind each and every one of these. There are many logos out there, but out of them all, the following nine (9) left a lasting impression (in no particular order):

1) Food Writers
Food Writers

Designed by 300million, this fountain-pen and spoon logo kept it simple & elegant. Seeing the logo alone, however, didn't make me think "Food Writers" but it does now.

2) Horror Films
Food Writers

I've seen this logo floating around the net, and it deserves all the hype. Josiah Jost does a very good job everything I've seen so far. He freelances under the name Siah Design, which's accredited for this awesome design.

3) Ed's Electric
Ed's Electric

This one is my personal favorite. I love the use of the negative space. When I first saw this, it took me a second to see the "E." When I did, it was an immediate "wow!" This logo is also brought to you by Josiah Jost at Siah Design. Very well done.

4) E.C. Engineering
E.C. Engineering

Like Ed's Electric by Siah Design above, this logo also brilliantly uses negative space. Initially, I saw the "E" and the flipped "C" but it took me a second or two to see the wrench. Just brilliant. I really like this logo. The credit goes to Action Designer for this amazing logo.

5) Timewatch

Timewatch is one of those "why didn't I think of that?" logos. It's simple, smart and very memorable. The logo was listed under Tonfue (, but that domain is no longer listed. The correct domain is for Toni Z. under Million Dollar Dude.

6) Pencil

Designed by Reghardt Grobbelaar who is behind Cake Sama. A simple but sophisticated design that is highly effective. Very nice.

7) Mouse Universe
Mouse Universe

This awesome design by Houston We (Dalius Stuoka) goes to the heart of creativity. A very good job.

8) Web Ankor
Web Ankor

Andreiu with Light Design Works is responsible for this phenomenal logo. A job well done. I'm assuming that the anchor in the image is the "W" for "Web" but I wasn't sure. Still, a great logo.

9) City Direct

Another example of negative space use. Two letters & one image. I mean this is a very good design by Logo Motive Designs.


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