Wednesday, May 27, 2009

VHS Table

The author says:
After schlepping my VHS tapes collection for about 15 years, I realized those movies are NEVER going to see the light of day or a screen, for that matter. . I didn't have the heart to throw away all those memories - Bruce Lee's Big Boss, Rob Reiner's The Sure Thing and a lot of MTV's 120 minutes and alternative nation.

I wanted to reuse the tapes and not dump them. So, I decided to turn the tapes into a table.
Only thing I had to get was a piece of wood (56X41.5 cm), and some strong glue.

First I glued the tapes to the wood plate, creating a pattern (Only later I realized I foolishly didn't rewind),
and then I attached the legs.

After this Beta (pun intended) The next step is building a TV, DVD and stereo cabinet from tapes.

Naturally, I don't expect the table to hold something like a TV, but it seems sturdy enough to handle most light social needs. But again, it's not the sort of weird thing I'd want in my place.

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