Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lock Your Files, Folders And Text From Being Copied/Cut

I won't speak for the Mac community, but for the PC community copying (or cutting) any file has been made very easy with very few clicks.

You don't want your files to be hidden, and you don't want to encrypt the files either. After all, encrypting them only renders the copying-person from ... well ... decrypting them (with ease, any ways). Instead, you want your files to be viewable, but (again) not copy-able (is that a word?). And since the files are viewable, you don't want the contents (the text) to be copied (or cut) either.

As the "free alternatives to commercial software" freak that I am, I introduce to you "M-File Anti-Copy."

M File Anti-Copy is the brain child of Mohsen Ektefa. The software can lock and disable the copy and move features against files, folders and even text in Windows. And it does all of that for free. That's right; free!

M File Anti-Copy 4.0 -  Prevent your files from being copied (or cut) in Windows.

After installation, you simply enter a password of your choosing. Once you click that "activate" button those files, folders and text are now protected. The copy and paste commands, simply put, no longer work!

The software tool comes with a "File Copier" and "File Move" options so that you can still perform those tasks without disabling the protection.

To protect itself, ultimately to maintain protection, the software tool disables Windows' Task Manager and Registry Editor (AKA regedit). There're also options to disable Run, Folder Options and Search.

Of course there are ways to get around this tool (I've found 3 so far), and I'll share one with you as to not defeat the purpose of the tool; rather, to show its flexibility: You can upload the file via the internet (and modify it elsewhere) and/or email it to yourself. And while that may allow you access to the file, I look at it as a plus --I wouldn't want the tool to prevent me from uploading what I need. Getting around the tool only says that it's not perfect; M File Anti-Copy remains, however, a brilliant, practical and much desired implementation made possible by the amazing 18-year-old Mohsen Ektefa. ▣

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