Monday, June 14, 2010

Branding & Social Media: An Inspirational Slide Show

I love this slide show from TBWA on branding and social media.
Today’s media world is thrilling, captivating and full of challenges for brands - a revolution in brands and people’s behavior in fact. But as in all revolutions, it’s sometimes difficult to get a clear view of what’s going on. And so, dear readers, TBWA’s strategy department was looking for patterns and similarities from different discussions and has attempted to sum up the revolution in 135 slides. Our goal is to explore the different ways of tackling today’s communication challenges - and to show how successful brands are switching from brand-centric to audience-centric behaviour. Inspired by many different people and brands, it intends to spark a conversation about the need for Media Arts, and how it is ingrained with the theory of Disruption.

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