Monday, March 1, 2010

Think Your Life Sucks?

I struggled to find something inspirational. Something that could help people like you and me think of what we have, be grateful and thank God for all his bounties and blessings. Something that would at least help move our souls and our hearts to give, to share, to do better and to think of others. Others who less fortunate. Not just the poor and needy. But the children, the homeless and the orphans.

I received the following picture without knowing its source. A quick search showed that Reddit had the picture posted with some very good comments from its members. I encourage you to do more than just look at the picture. "Listen" with your eyes.

Think of the possibilities of that being someone you know. And think of what you can do now to help. Then, I invite you to share your thoughts with us in the comments. Finally, visit Reddit and see what others have said.

Inspirational Monday - Think Your Life Sucks?


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