Monday, December 14, 2009

Blake Mycoski: Creating Sustainable Charity

Ahmadism supports TOMS shoes.
By now, the mission of TOMS Shoes is well known: When you buy a pair of their shoes, you help provide a child in need with new shoes. It's called the "One for One" movement and it has helped the company emerge as a leader in conscious consumerism.

When it's a holiday season for you and yours, TOMS is asking you to "choose Shoes" for the occasion. Forget holidays; whether it's a gift for yourself, a friend, or someone in your family, giving TOMS Shoes this holiday also means that a child will receive a present that will help them grow up healthy and happy.


TOMS "One for One" is not a gimmick intended to boost holiday sales. Instead, it is the basis of the company's business model. Blake Mycoski didn’t just want to start a charity to put shoes on the feet of children who needed them — he wanted to do something more sustainable, something that didn’t rely on asking for donations.


Innovative thinking, running a for-profit business and giving globally can all coexist ... and inspire others in more ways that one.

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