Friday, September 25, 2009

Missing: Floppy Disk Drive

I understand everybody places different values on certain things they own. For example, you may like this old beat up thing you've had since your childhood --Perhaps a blankie, a pillow, a toy, etc. Yeah, it may be old and/or even smelly but at the end of the day you'd be upset if someone stole it or you misplaced it.

Consequently, I cannot judge other for their sentimental attachments. In this guy's case it's his floppy disk drive. He wants it back. He's pissed. And apparently he's willing to pay.

Lost Floppy

Here's a close up ...

Lost Floppy

All this reminds me of a t-shirt from Threadless:

Missing Bicycle

Surly you have your own peculiar attachments. Share them with us in the comments.  ▣

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