Friday, September 11, 2009

Geek Graffiti

A few funny examples of geek graffiti.

This one is a classic, in my opinion:

Geek Graffiti - Loading

Here a few of them in one image. I really like the creativity of the "loading" under the roundabout sign.

Geek Graffiti - Misc.

I think I was born this way!

Geek Graffiti - Connection Cord

Where's Pac-Man in this one?

Geek Graffiti - Mac Ghosts

I'm not even popular on the internet ...

Geek Graffiti - Popular on the net

01000001 = 65 = A
01001101 = 77 = M
01001111 = 79 = O
01010010 = 82 = R
That makes the below image spell "AMOR" which means LOVE. I'm geeky like dat!

Geek Graffiti - Amor

Ummm ... Sorry Ocifer. I didn't neam to spray dat ...

Geek Graffiti - Drunk

No, we don't have a rainbow.

Geek Graffiti - Geek Pride


Geek Graffiti - Ctrl Alt Delete

Mmmm ... b.a.c.o.n.

Geek Graffiti - Push Bacon

And my favorite ...

Geek Graffiti - iPot

The PixelRoller is an intentional cross between conventional and manual printing methods, combining the ease of computer-age printing with the creativity of manual printing. This graffiti creation tool can be programmed to print any number of patterns with uniqueness and variability contingent upon the way these patterns are then ‘rolled’ on to a surface.


Perhaps the ultimate in digital-age geek graffiti, Tagging in Motion (shown above) is a kind of three-dimensional street graffiti using a virtual reality interface coupled with digital rendering. The graffiti artist is taped by multiple cameras throughout his spraying motions in 3D space, generating street art that requires no physical surface and leaves no trace in physical reality like other creative urban light art.


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