Monday, August 17, 2009

When Your Agency Gives You Pink Slips, Make Lemonade

Agency laid you off? Make Lemonade.

With the plethora of pink slips circulating in the media and advertising industries (some estimates place the losses close to 70,000), you would think some creative type would have parlayed theirs into pink lemonade.

That's exactly what Eric Proulx did when he was laid off from his copywriting job at Arnold.
He first created a blog which soon grew to a job-hunt site for "adpeeps" called please feed the animals, then he documented the stories from the recently laid off creatives and suits from hot shops such as Arnold, TBWA/Chiat/Day, Richard group to see what they are doing in their life after advertising.

And it looks like it's become a film filled with interesting lives, hope for the future and major life changes for the group of former adpeeps.

iPhone/iTouch users:

Life after advertising includes art, yoga and even changing genders! The short documentary candidly tells the story of former Directors, Designers, and Writers from the instant they were fired and what came next. Each person describes how their dismissal dramatically changed their life. The time to pursue life-long dreams ranging from painting to holistic healing became new sources of creativity. Lemonade will be released for free online in late September.  ▣

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