Friday, August 21, 2009

RealPlayer© Issues - Buffering (pic)

There are many reasons why RealNetworks'® RealPlayer® popularity, in my opinion, has gone with the wind. Despite Microsoft's preloaded Windows Media Player® (WMP), it's not the choice many make; rather, it's more of a default. Many of have resorted to external players like Winamp and JetAudio (my personal choice).

Given the popular proprietary format Real® uses (.rm, .ram, etc.), the browser plugin, and in essence the software itself, lives on. This funny picture found on Flickr, however, captures one of the frustrations with the tool very well.

RealPlayer Issues - Buffering (pic)

I can't believe that someone actually did that right on their logo on the side of a building. I wonder if it was at their headquarters. It's just too funny; and very appreciated.  ▣

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