Monday, August 31, 2009

A Ca Pella

I've seen a lot of a capella over the years. I find them refreshing, inspirational (which's how they made this Inspirational Monday spot), and even funny at times. The ones that impress me most have been where a group's vocals simulate instruments to such an unbelievable level ... like these:

Here's a sample from The Voca People:


One of my favorite a capella groups, however, has got to be Rockapella. But I like to listen to them more than see them (their lead singer annoys me visually).


There are other a capella groups out there, and some are just down right awesome.


It's worth noting that this last video is commonly mistaken for the Rockapella group. The recording of this was mistakenly labeled as such online at one point between the 90's and 2003. Rockapella never did this.  ▣

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