Friday, July 3, 2009

Elephant Slide

I saw this and thought "sweet God, who would design such a thing?"

It's no secret that safety should be the number one factor in designing any toy, playground, etc., which kids will ultimately use. But c'mon! What about appropriateness of theme, aesthetics, taste, design, etc.?

Indoors Elephant Slide

Here's the kicker, it's not the only one! Below is another very similar design. This time, however, it's outdoors!

Outdoors Elephant Slide

Kids these days are extremely inquisitive. What do you say when one asks "Dad/Mom, what's that coming out of the Elephant's XXX?

I was shocked by these, but something tells me that I shouldn't be; and worse, that there are more out there. Perhaps far worse. If you've come across any, please share them in the comments.  ▣

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