Monday, July 27, 2009

21 Creative & Inspiring Photographs

I find myself constantly looking for good photographs on Flickr and around the web. I've even posted about a few that I really like on Facebook. I'm not a photographer, nor do I know if I'll ever be one. I do, however, enjoy and appreciate good photography; and know that it's an art and a skill. One thing's for sure, those who create some of the most creative photos in the world, have great passion for photography and some good few years of practice and experience. Here are 21 of some really creative photographs, granted some are digitally manipulated (obviously), which truly inspire.

Wildlife Photography

The first eight are wildlife photographs that are not digitally manipulated. Unfortunately, I've collected them over the years and don't know their authors. With some proof, I'd be happy to add the appropriate credit.

Wildlife photography:  Loving Penguins

Wildlife Photography:  Squirrel

Wildlife Photography:  Coiled Green Snake

Wildlife Photography:  Bobcat

Wildlife Photography:  Green Leaf Butterflies

Wildlife Photography:  2 Frogs --Like Father Like Son

Wildlife Photography:  Sand Snake Incognito

Wildlife Photography:  Frog --Full Belly
This is my favorite photograph of all.

Although a different kind of photography, the next selection of photographs is truly inspirational.

Rajala's Apple

Rajala's Skull Apple

Koen Demuynck

Koen Demuynck UGC

Koen Demuynck:  Hiking --Personal Backpack

Alexandre Dubosc

Alexandre Dubosc:  Granulate of Champion

Erik Johansson's work is my favorite in this type of photography and image manipulation. Just brilliant work.

Erik Johansson:  Spilled Coffee (World)

Erik Johansson:  Leveled Road

Erik Johansson:  Fish Island

Erik Johansson:  Ironing

Erik Johansson:  Can't let the icecream melt

Chema Madoz - He has many others. I chose only these three.

Chema Madoz - Wood Grain

Chema Madoz - Puzzled Water

Chema Madoz - An apple on the inside

Creative Tempest - Definitely one of the Flickr pages I follow and look forward to. The artist has a lot that I cannot possibly do any justice in explaining. Very much worth a visit.

Creative Tempest:  The Head Crack

If you have your own or collect magnificent photographs similar to the ones above then share them with the rest of us in the comments. Also, send me an email. I'd love to see your work and may be even post about it in the future. ▣

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