Monday, May 18, 2009

Inspirational Monday - Brillian Animated Short Movies

These animated short movies are amazing for uninspiring Monday mornings. Putting together such sequences is not easy; but designers, artists and the team as a whole are quite creative and manage to come up with very surprising and unusual results.

I've selected five of these short movies in hopes of appealing to every taste, and ultimately inspiring you on this new work week.

Doll Face

Andrew Thomas Huang describes this outstanding piece as:
A machine with a doll face mimics images on television screen in search of a satisfactory visage. Doll Face presents a visual account of desires misplaced and identities fractured by our technological extension into the future.


A short movie created by the Japanese design agency W0W.

Starless Night

A sweet short movie about a cat and a dog.

Sand Animation

OK, so this one is not a movie per se. The animated one wasn't available and I was hoping that this inspirational piece could still lead you down to the other videos out there.


A funny story about a gopher trying to have a bite to eat.

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